5 good reasons to finally get into organic cosmetics

Are you new to organic cosmetics and still hesitate to go natural in your bathroom? We give you our 5 good reasons to go organic and forget about your conventional beauty products for good.

Why buy organic cosmetics?

Organic beauty is gaining more and more followers, and even stars are getting into it! If once you go organic you rarely go back, the most difficult is often to take the plunge.

Whether it is to convince you or to help you convert your loved ones to organic, discover 5 good reasons to choose natural beauty products.

1 / no more toxic products for me and my family!

No carcinogenic and endocrine disrupting components in organic cosmetics, so no risk of compromising your health by applying your creams.

We must not forget that our skin absorbs all the care we apply to it, so it is important to be particularly vigilant as to the composition of the products used in order to prevent harmful ingredients from entering our body.

When you become a mom, using natural cosmetics is a good way to make sure you don’t pass any dangerous ingredients on to your baby.

By going organic, you opt for healthy beauty products, without toxic components or irritant additives.

2 / the eco-friendly beauty is better

Organic cosmetics rhymes with ecology! Unlike traditional cosmetics from petrochemicals, organic cosmetics have production methods that are thought to be as much as possible in harmony with nature.

Choosing organic beauty products means choosing cosmetics that are respectful of our planet, made with natural ingredients with little or no processing, and excluding the synthetic and pollutant components present in traditional cosmetics.

The manufacturing processes aim to limit the production of waste and the packaging is generally worked to be easily recycled.

3 / I boycott the products tested on animals

Another reason to get into organic cosmetics is the question of ethics with regard to animals.

Unlike traditional cosmetics, organic cosmetics are not tested on animals, and exclude components of animal origin except those produced naturally by animals such as honey, beeswax, milk, etc.

To end the cruelty imposed on animals by cosmetic tests, it’s time to go organic! There is also a wide choice of organic and vegan cosmetics.

4 / bye bye skin problems

Free from irritating chemicals, mineral oils, and pore-blocking silicones, organic beauty products are much better for your skin.

Whether you suffer from acne, eczema, psoriasis … you will finally find an effective solution to all your little worries thanks to the benefits of natural ingredients such as vegetable oils, aloe vera, honey or essential oils, that work miracles on all skin types. If you have already tried everything in conventional do not despair, organic cosmetics can save your skin!

5 / I have fun!

Who said that organic cosmetics were not pleasant to use? No more scents and textures that leave something to be desired, today the offer has grown enormously and the technique has progressed to offer natural beauty products with pleasant smells and textures, and refined packaging. Whether in skincare or make-up, organic cosmetics are definitely more and more glamorous and efficient.

On MonCornerB we are particularly keen to make organic cosmetics and pleasure rhyme by offering you sensory and effective treatments in sublime bottles that you will proudly display in your bathroom.