What exactly is an emailing or an emailing campaign?

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Emailing happens to be the most well-liked channel during marketing operations, it directly, and obtaining a rather attractive return rate if e-mailing is well done because it allows to reach a defined target, by addressing. The fact remains that we must adopt the right reflexes.


Emailing is a real marketing tool included in a multi-channel strategy allowing the sending of individualized and immediate communications to a couple of targeted recipients (prospects, customer base, etc.).

Email is an easy, customizable and reliable method of communication. Emailing gives you a return price two to three times greater than “paper” mailing. Nevertheless, an emailing campaign or a newsletter isn’t just a matter of giving a couple of thousand emails without follow-up.

Its imperative to properly build your email along email hosting uk  with your proposal, to help keep your possibility database up to date, and to follow simple rules whenever delivering your email promotions.

All this can’t be improvised and needs a know-how that is certain experience in mailing presented by the internet agency Alteo, via its Mailing Plus software.


How exactly to carry out an campaign that is e-mailing?


Emailing is sending mass personalized email messages.

This type of interaction should not lightly be taken: method and pc software are essential for a good approach.

Collecting recipients is an step that is essential according to IMT Strategies, 52% of individuals genuinely believe that “Permission Marketing” is good if not extremely good. 78% of them start these messages from frequently to often.

In 2014 (might 2015 numbers), we remember that emailing is the most used solution among the net advertising levers, with use within 95.3% of instances.

Emailing may be the lever that came near the top of business communicating on the internet in 2015. Additionally it is the second most used lever by French e-merchants, thanks to the opening rate which increased in France between 2013 and 2014: We went from 38.5per cent to 41.2%. ( source )

Having said that, in 54% of situations, individuals windows hosting uk  reject the sending of unsolicited emails (SPAM) and don’t open these emails.

Rich, appropriate, targeted and personalized information

The formatting: a declined and sober aspect in accordance with your visual charter

Internet computer software: the backbone of your campaign

A methodology that is successful raise your results

A catchy item (title), relevant and personalized content and an effective communication strategy


Our specialists provide you with the good thing about their experience and help you in the different stages of creating your emailing campaign.

Message planning:

Advice for composing the message,

HTML design of your message,

Integration of interactive tools for reporting data (in correlation using the pc software utilized),

Insertion of message personalization zones.

Campaign preparation:

Import of one’s database in to the pc software (if required),

Setup of the sending parameters (giving a message, windows web hosting uk title regarding the sender, name regarding the message),

Configuration of dates, times and frequency of giving.

Campaign follow-up:

Follow-up of the sendings that are first 1st readings regarding the e-mail,

Final report on read, simply click,

Methods for future mailings (targeting time, date, content based on clicked links),

Modification / deletion of NPAI.


Has also developed an online software marketed in SAAS mode (leasing) for the handling of your emailing promotions (planning, sending and monitoring of e-mails): Mailing Plus

Mailing Plus allows you to handle your mailing strategy hillingdon grid webmail from the to Z: import of the e-mail templates, room for writing your emails, modification according to your databases, routing of the newsletters and mailings, starting data, management NPAIs,…

Updates to the Mailing Plus pc software are executed by our teams that are technical. You benefit, at all times, from the full power of our pc software, our knowledge, and our platform to handle the sendings and data of the thousands of recipients.


Increase the presence and ROI of your site



Web marketing is comprised of different advertising levers (or techniques) that optimize the profitability of a web site.

In the context of e-commerce projects, these techniques aim to transform the maximum number of Internet users into customers or to meet objectives defined in advance (improving site visibility, increasing the conversion rate, generating a making contact, registering for a mailing list, actions on the site, downloads, etc.).

We can distinguish the types of web marketing

in several sectors, but all of them require an in-depth strategic analysis and usage completely different actions.

Traffic creation

Efficiency analysis


Natural reference

Therefore, we can decide to work with normal referencing optimization ( SEO, for SEO), that will enable the site to move up on the search engines, on certain key expressions, to optimize exposure, gridhosting review but above all make targeted traffic, therefore willing to meet the defined objective (act of purchase, registration to mailing list, contact, etc.).

The SEO is considered the most economical web-marketing levers, since the actions implemented in your website (website optimization, enhanced crawl and indexing, work with this content of the website, acquiring links, …) allows it to position itself precisely on needs corresponding to your activities, and generating traffic. However, it takes several months to see concrete results.


Conversely, buying keywords, which corresponds to AdWords on Google, as an example, will allow you to create traffic and visibility very quickly, supplied you win the bids on key expressions to position yourself well and create click-through premium areas in search engine results pages.

Other levers

There are more purely web-marketing levers to work in your online interaction strategy, such as for instance social networks, e-advertising, affiliation, contests, etc.

However, we must not forget the website itself, and its main user: the Internet user. Thus, taking care of its ergonomics, its UX (User Experience), on the optimization of the demand tunnel, or the highlighting of contact modules, or pages to push to action is essential and falls within the framework of a web online strategy.

These web that is different levers are often mastered after many years of experience and dozens of projects carried out. Each of them requires know-how that is specific they have been constantly evolving.

Online marketing is, within Alteo, a pole in a unique right.

All of the web marketing services that we carry out are always followed by an expert consultant who will ensure compliance with the objectives set and will accompany you throughout the service.


Strategic analysis

Internet need analysis

Strategic watch

Website analysis (semantics and framework)

Site positioning

Competitor analysis

Sector analysis

Traffic creation

Normal referencing (SEO)

Online advertising



Social media


Buy of key words on search engines (SEA)

Efficiency analysis

Exposure analysis

Traffic analysis

Sales Analysis

Analysis regarding the individual’s path

Site performance analysis

Conversion tunnel


Animation and renewal of site content

Creation of a community (Community administration) via social support systems

Here are the ongoing solutions supplied by we:

E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing continues to be the preferred lever of web advertising (95.3% of marketers make use of it as a priority inside their strategies).

It also provides you with to handle email promotions to prospect or retain your customers. Email campaigns can guarantee a substantial turnover when they are well carried out. It also has developed and internally manages a email that is professional solution to satisfy your needs.

Emailing solution

Normal referencing ( SEO )

This is to optimize the positioning of the website on search-engines on key expressions traffic that is generating. This helps generate targeted traffic and increase the number thus of contacts or product sales made. Natural referencing is frequently the suggested way to obtain the best return on investment.

Google Search Engine Optimization

Paid referencing ( SEM )

Implementation of sponsored link promotions to position your website on search engine marketing spaces (Ex: Google Adwords management). Paid Search Engine Optimization allows positioning that is immediate the first pages and guarantees a good place, even on extremely competitive keywords.

Google Ads

Internet sites ( SMO )

Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Bing +, Tumblr, Instagram,…) and professional networks (Linked in, Viadeo…) are also tools to make yourself known. They allow you to create a dynamic with your customers and prospects by adding a concept that is participative. Social media management must be correctly carried out so as not to be harmful to your image.

Community management

Ergonomics – Optimization of conversions

With our many experiences in making e-commerce sites, our experts can help you on optimizing the pages of your site that is e-commerce and specific the order tunnel. Thus, various actions can be taken to increase sales and not lose customers who are just waiting to buy your services and products.

Web site design

Web Analytics

Analyzing the traffic of a(visitors that are website page views, entry web page, exit, bounce rate, tracking, etc.) can help you understand, using statistical data, the problems of promotional initiatives, the lack of conversion or customer feedback…

Our experts will be able to diagnose the issues and propose methods to be implemented.

Analysis of guests


It’s a method enabling the diffusion of your services and products on affiliated websites. Affiliates are often either price comparators (Kelkoo, Le Guide, Shopzilla, etc.) or merchants that are onlinePixmania, Rue du Commerce, e-bay, etc.).

The target is to make the most of traffic from affiliated websites to relay your commercial offer.

Internet affiliation


E-reputation is all that is said in regards to you (individual, brand name, company, etc.) on the web. This consists of information, views, exchanges, comments, rumors, … which can be on the Web. It is therefore extremely important to monitor this given information and to manage to control what appears regarding the the search engines.


Other internet marketing solutions

Show campaigns, pr announcements or developments that are even specific other web marketing services that can also be carried out by our teams. It remains to define your objectives and thus opt for the solution that is best.

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