Many of us take time to “powder our noses”, show off for outings or simply get better every morning.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know a single day (except Sunday, when I usually do pajamas or gardening days) without makeup !!!

Organic cosmetics are safer for sensitive skin which is prone to irritation.

There are no parabens and other irritating chemicals in these formulas.


Organic cosmetics and organic make-up help nourish the skin because they contain vegetable oils and very moisturizing vegetable butters.

They are not tested on animals

Organic cosmetics and natural makeup are beneficial for skin health.

They do not contain strong, unnatural scents

There is less exposure to toxins

The organic cosmebio and Natrue formulas are not comedogenic

The formulas and packaging are more respectful of the environment, in the context of greater eco-responsibility.

Safer organic cosmetics and organic makeup for sensitive skin