Strategic Power in Corporate Communication: Cloud Technologies


With the development of cloud computing technologies, areas such as brand communication and corporate communication become more connected and integrated. While the corporate communication world is changing rapidly with digital transformation, it has started to prefer cloud-based technologies to communicate with businesses, employees, and consumers.

According to a recent study by Oracle, 65% of IT decision-makers state that in-app cloud tools drive the way businesses to communicate; 74�lieve that cloud-based communication tools are required to achieve their planned business goals. On the other hand, it is underlined that benefiting from cloud-based solutions at the point of contact is indispensable for a consistent and sustainable brand experience.

The rapid spread of the trend of mobility among institutions caused radical changes in the way companies to communicate with consumers as well as changes in the corporate culture. We have explained to you how cloud technologies affect different aspects of your corporate communication;

Integrated Communication

Cheap email hosting, which provide benefits in many areas such as efficiency, better collaboration, and easy and effective process management, also have many benefits at the corporate communication point. With best email hosting, you can increase the efficiency of your company by combining simultaneous (voice telephone, web/voice/video conferencing, and instant messaging) and asynchronous (e-mail, fax, etc.) communication tools in a solution. On the other hand, using cloud technology to facilitate cross-interaction of different communication channels will make it easier for you to communicate effectively and quickly.

uk colocation

Positive Customer Experience

Increasing customer experience trends include uk colocation communication tools. Today, consumers prefer to interact with brands or companies through social networks or other real-time communication channels other than traditional communication tools. Thanks to colocation uk communication tools, you can connect with your existing and potential customers without making too much investment for your company and connect with them and increase customer loyalty.

Another advantage of cloud technology in creating customer experience is that it gives your company the ability to respond to customer demands quickly with real-time marketing. On the other hand, the competitive power of your company will increase thanks to the disappearance of the boundaries between corporate communication and marketing.

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Strategic Power in Corporate Communication: Cloud Technologies

Flexible Structure in Communication

Recently we have been using mobile applications in many areas of our lives. According to a study, almost 90% of our communication in private and business life takes place through mobile applications. As such, the website, which offers easy and fast access to existing communication channels such as colocation hosting, has begun to be replaced by social media and corporate portals. Because cloud-based communication tools offer a faster connection to any other system compared to non-digital alternatives. Thanks to this new structure that offers flexibility not only in internal communication but also in customer relations, your business follow-up and processes will also be easier.

Increased Employee Efficiency

One of the most important factors that ensure the rapid adoption of cloud technologies is that companies need high-efficiency levels. As in all areas of life, the speed of corporate communication has increased. Today, company officials need to manage a wide variety of channels simultaneously. The way for brands to get high efficiency from applications such as social media accounts, websites, or intranets that are in direct proportion to their communication strategy is through cloud technologies. Thanks to cloud-based services, communication with employees, the target audience, the current customer, and more with the entire market are at a higher rate than ever before.

When it comes to all these features, the time of professional cloud services, the boat is entered into the boat with the professional Cloud services. The Email Shop’s Telehouse Istanbul Data Center, which has made it a tradition to provide quality and professional services at world standards, provides business continuity and uninterrupted to companies with Cloud Services in cooperation with global solution partners. In this way, you can access your data, which is important for your business, anytime and anywhere without interruption.

Take Your Business Performance A Step Ahead: Metro Ethernet Internet

In today’s conditions, it is also very important for companies to benefit from technological developments in management and business processes. Metro Ethernet Internet, which draws attention especially in terms of security and speed in this period when communication and speed are extremely important, offers high-tech internet access and usage, which enables companies to take one step ahead in the global competitive environment. Briefly, we can say Metro Broadband internet access technology that provides high-speed connection specially allocated to institutions. In other words, Metro Ethernet, which enables all kinds of data flow, such as voice, data, and video, is a professional internet service preferred by all institutions and organizations with intensive internet use.


Metro Ethernet is of great importance, especially in terms of providing a safe environment for internal communication and development of companies with more than one branch. In addition to the data exchange between the branches or headquarters of the companies, it also enables communication with different companies to be safe and fast.

Metro Ethernet, which is often preferred by large and medium-sized companies, has recently started to be preferred by small companies. Because Metro Ethernet also supports the growth of an organization’s organizational structure. Since this growth will increase the number of personnel and the need for high-speed data transmission, the need for broadband internet will increase in parallel with this. If we talk about the benefits that Metro Ethernet will provide to companies and companies;

Time management

The first advantage of Metro Ethernet is that it eliminates the time loss during data loading and downloading processes. Thus, companies will speed up the process of processes while saving time. In other words, thanks to this service, which has a broadband infrastructure, the transactions performed thanks to very high upload and download speeds will be equally fast and effective.

Few Hardware Needs

Metro Ethernet, which requires little hardware, provides advantages in this context.


Metro mail365, which offers companies the opportunity to update their bandwidth in line with their increasing needs and at any time, provides access and flexibility at very high speeds.

Secure Connection

Metro Ethernet provides fast and secure data transfer from multiple points to a single point or from any point to another point. With this feature, Metro Ethernet has an extremely important function in terms of ensuring security in the communication network content of companies with more than one branch.

At this point, The Email Shop comes into play with Metro Ethernet service! Metro Ethernet is a very important service that will stand up to the problems you will face today and tomorrow. The Email Shop, which has made it a tradition to provide quality and professional services at world standards, provides business continuity and uninterruptedness to the institutions with the domestic and foreign fiber-optic access infrastructures of different operators that support our Metro Ethernet infrastructure with high capacities. Thus, you can always access your data, which is important for your business, without interruption.