Data Center Selection after KVKK for Tourism Sector

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Due to the nature of their business, travel companies need customer data more than companies operating in other sectors. Because, much personal information such as name-surname, e-mail address, credit card, and even passport information is needed for reservations and other travel transactions. The very intense and fast daily data flow increases the risk of a data breach.

On the other hand, companies operating in the field of tourism also carry out their marketing and campaign activities for their potential and existing customers through the processing of their acquired data and making them meaningful. With the latest developments, institutions need to obtain personal information following KVKK, ensure the physical and cybersecurity of the environment where the data is located, receive professional consultancy services on the subject, inform the staff on this issue and benefit from alternative technological solutions.

The purpose of the Law on Protection of Personal Data is to determine the framework of how to obtain, store, and use the personal data of customers. In this context, solutions such as “encrypting data”, “classifying data”, “masking data” and “preventing data loss” should be taken into account to prevent misuse of data.

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Encryption of Data

The encryption method preferred by both individuals and companies is used to ensure the confidentiality of customer information sent between the browser and the server over the internet. Encryption not only connects data access to authorization but also protects in terms of the authenticity and integrity of its source.

Backing up Data

Data backup is a method of copying to minimize any damage that may arise in data integrity after unwanted situations such as loss, damage, natural disaster, and most importantly cyber attack. It is one of the regulations that should be emphasized in terms of business continuity and data security. There are many methods such as virtual backup, cloud backup, mail server backup. Cloud technologies such as Cloud Back-up and Disaster Recovery with FortiDDoS and Verisign DDoS protection service can be used.

Preventing Data Leakage

It is the exit of the institution through the channels where the strategic data of the institutions are processed and distributed. Such vulnerabilities are mostly caused by unauthorized access, and taking action in this regard will also eliminate the risk of leakage         

Your data is safe with Telehouse Istanbul

The Email Shop provides the right solutions by providing professional and fully secure Cloud and Data Center services to fulfill the obligations arising from KVKK. The Email Shop’s Telehouse Istanbul Data Center, which meets the uninterrupted and security needs of the sectors where data security and integrity is prioritized, with global standards, with high quality and professional cheap email hosting services, provides business continuity and uninterruptedness with Cloud Services based on strong references while being flexible to adapt to instant and planned increases in high seasons. also makes business processes smarter with its structure. To mention other privileges that Telehouse Istanbul will provide to your company;

  1. Redundant energy infrastructure
  2. High-tech air conditioning systems
  3. Fully equipped electronics and physical security
  4. System and data security in global standards
  5. 24/7 customer support

Selection of Data Center Suitable for KVKK for IT Sector

The Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK) can be defined as a legal guide forcing both public and private institutions and organizations to take technical and administrative measures to protect personal data. Personal data, on the other hand, can be briefly defined as any information that is used to identify the person directly or indirectly. These are information that reveals the identity of individuals such as name/surname, place of birth, date of birth. For example, it is personal data based on all kinds of data, such as the ID number, phone number, and e-mail address you have obtained about your customer, employee, subscriber, or competitors.

personal email hosting is indispensable in every stage of life, from simple transactions such as shopping to banking transactions. In an environment where the data gains such importance, the main conditions for providing a competitive advantage in the market are “working with more data focus” and the correct and lawful management of this big data.

All kinds of businesses, from SMEs to large-scale companies, aim to provide sustainable development and competitive advantage by processing these data. However, this information needed for later use needs to be collected and stored following KVKK. With the rise of digitalization, the need for more personal data is increasing day by day and device capacities are not enough. When the need to store companies’ data externally is combined with the obligations and obligations brought by the Personal Data Protection Law, the solution focus is naturally cloud computing and best email hosting.Started to slide towards its services. Because while it is getting harder every day for companies to follow KVKK and the new regulations that may come with it, it will be a good decision to work with equipped and expert service providers to adapt to the process.

The Importance of Cloud Computing and Data Centers within the Scope of KVKK

In the process of compliance with KVKK, another issue that companies should pay attention to in their decision processes regarding cloud computing and server colocation services are bureaucratic problems and monetary sanctions that may be encountered if data is stored in countries that are not considered safe. On the other hand, companies working with cloud service providers that host their data abroad may also face the risk of being subject to a personal leave requirement following KVKK in the future.

In addition to the commercial advantage of cloud computing and data center services, there are also some benefits in terms of KVKK compatibility. To mention these;


It is known that a high amount of administrative fines are imposed if the data security obligations arising from mail365 are not fulfilled. On the other hand, the growing trend and the need for high-security measures for local companies to keep their corporate memories in local data centers also affect the data center preferences of the companies. In addition to physical disasters such as fully equipped air conditioning, security, and fire prevention, Telehouse Istanbul fully meets the security needs of companies with many security measures for cyber attacks.


It can respond to data increase and high storage need in a short time due to the periodic change of the operation volume. Thus, they enable companies to continue their business processes without any data loss.


Data must be available at any time, even in the event of interruptions or natural disasters. The loss of personal data is also among the duties of the data controller within the scope of KVKK. Telehouse Istanbul easily responds to the companies’ easy access needs with 24/7 professional support.

In short, while The Email Shop Telekom keeps your data confidential with special encryption methods, it also prevents your data from being misused by other people with its services such as Firewall DDoS Protection system, Cloud Backup, and Disaster Recovery. Also, The Email Shop’s Telehouse Istanbul colocation hosting, which has made it a tradition to provide quality and professional services at global standards, provides convenience to public-private institutions and organizations while ensuring full fulfillment of their responsibilities arising from KVKK.